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Grandmaster Park Jung Tae

GTF has a long and proud history of delivering the traditional martial art of Taekwon-Do. GTF is the not for profit, non-political, world wide federation, driven for and by its members.

The GTF is run by its President Hon GM Mrs Linda Park and its executive committee, which every country has representation on allowing all members to have an equal voice in its running

We all know that the WTF promotes and practices a different system of Taekwon-Do than the ITF and the GTF.

The WTF practices the Taeguek and Palgwe Poomsae and promotes almost exclusively the sport aspect of Taekwon-Do known as Olympic Style. The GTF and ITF are more closely related. They promote and maintain the integrity of Taekwon-Do as a traditional martial art while at the same time incorporate the sport aspect through competition. So, the question really becomes, what is the difference between the GTF and the ITF.

It is important to understand that prior to the existence of the GTF, the Founder of the GTF, Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, was for several decades the Technical Chairman and Secretary General of the ITF. Also, he was the person responsible for teaching all the international instructors throughout the world and standardize techniques and teaching methods.
The contributions of Grandmaster Park to the development and promotion of Taekwon-Do worldwide are unparalleled. The Global Taekwon-Do Federation is unique from a purely technical standpoint. Although GTF techniques include all the fundamental movements of the Chang Hon system practiced by the ITF, the founder of the GTF, Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, continued to improve and develop an even more scientific approach to the execution and delivery of the fundamental movements of Taekwon-Do. The improvements were designed to promote superior health and fitness by focusing on more circular fluid motions in conjunction with proper knee spring and breath control.
The Global Taekwon-Do Federation, a non-profit, non- political organization is committed to promoting the unique style of Taekwon-Do developed by this legendary Grandmaster and to maintain his vision and legacy. Although not readily apparent to the untrained eye, the techniques and method of execution promoted by Grandmaster Park Jung Tae are substantially different form the ITF method to ratify that the GTF constitutes a distinct style of Taekwon-Do.
The ITF method taught today by ITF instructors is more rigid and focuses on each individual movement as an entity in itself while the GTF method taught today by GTF instructors is more fluid and circular with an emphasis on the end of one movement becoming the beginning of the next movement to create a rhythmic flow of techniques.
Furthermore, the founder of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation, Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, developed six additional Hyungs (TKD patterns) to be practiced by GTF members in addition to the traditional twenty-four. He also created nine Sa Bhang Makgo Jirugi exercises and other unique training methods that support the development of fundamental skills.
Since the deaths of Grandmaster Park and latterly Gen. Choi Hung Hi another fundamental difference became apparent in the ITF and the GTF. There is only one GTF instead of 3 arguing over their own validity. The GTF is under the sound leadership of Hon. Grandmaster Mrs Linda Park with Masters and Grandmasters heading various departments committees of operation. This allows the affiliate members to play an active part in shaping their federation and enables all voices to be heard and respected.